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DuPage County Weapon Enhancement Charges Lawyer

Attorneys Representing those with Weapons Charges on Top of Other Criminal Charges

If you are accused of using a weapon in the commission of a crime — or even carrying a gun or keeping one in your vehicle — you may face additional time behind bars. A weapon enhancement often means mandatory prison time on top of the underlying offense.

The criminal defense lawyers of Michael T. Norris, Ltd. and John W. Callahan, Ltd., provide the skilled representation you will need to counter these serious felony charges. We have been successful in getting weapons charges dismissed or knocked down by aggressively challenging the basis for the arrest or search that led to the gun.

If you had a gun when you were arrested for a felony crime in DuPage County call 1-877-335-6693 for a free and confidential consultation. Our phones are answered 24 hours a day.

Illinois Gun Possession and Weapon Enhancement Defense Attorneys

Any felony can be escalated to a more serious offense if the prosecutor can tie a firearm to the crime. Our team has handled weapon enhancements for all criminal accusations:

  • Burglary (carrying a gun)
  • Robbery (discharging a firearm or shooting some)
  • Assault charges (carrying a gun, stabbing or shooting someone)
  • Drug charges (carrying a gun)

Weapons charges can easily add five to 10 years on a prison sentence for the underlying offense, depending on the crime, the circumstances and prior convictions. This is commonly a mandatory minimum sentence. It is added on top of any other prison sentence, and it will be straight time.

We attack weapons charges on the front end. Did police violate your Fourth Amendment rights in a traffic stop or in searching your person, your vehicle or your residence? Was the weapon actually involved in the crime? Was the gun loaded, or even operational? Did you have a license and permit to carry? Can they tie the weapon to you?

Our lawyers will exhaust every possible defense. Our goal is to take the weapons charge out of the equation so we can focus on the underlying accusation. If we can't get gun charges dismissed, we will negotiate where possible or prepare to defend your freedom at trial.

For a free consultation with an experienced gun crime defense lawyer, you can reach us day or night at 1-877-335-6693. You can also e-mail us.