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Solicitation of a Minor in Naperville, Illinois

Defense Against Charges of Child Solicitation in Naperville and all of DuPage County

If you have been accused of inappropriate communication with a minor, the attorneys at the law offices of Michael T. Norris, Ltd. and John W. Callahan, Ltd. can help. We have decades of experience helping people accused of crimes like child solicitation and enticement in DuPage County, and the surrounding parts of Illinois.

Call us at 1-877-335-6693 today to learn about the lengths our lawyers will go to in order to win your child solicitation case. You can also e-mail us.

Child solicitation charges can result from various situations, including being accused of sending sexually explicit pictures over the Internet, having inappropriate instant messenger conversations with a child, or using your position as a teacher to have relations with a student. No matter how the charges arose, our team is here to defend you. We defend clients against a range of sex offense charges.

We are ready to win. In fact, we go into every case with that approach. Naperville Criminal Defense Attorneys Mike Norris and John Callahan, never consider options like pleading guilty or accepting a prison sentence in negotiation unless we have completely scoured your case for other opportunities. Our goal is to keep your record clean and keep you out of jail. By exploring every opportunity in child solicitation and other cases, we have built a strong record of accomplishing that goal.

Frequently, these cases involve very complex undercover police operations. Often, officers gather a great deal of evidence through their undercover stings on Craigslist and chat rooms. Rarely do they move forward with criminal charges until they believe that they have stacked the odds so high against you that you will not have a chance.

We are here to even the odds. Our attorneys will not hesitate to take on any challenge that comes along with a solicitation of a child case. We will not be surprised if the prosecution tries to use its evidence to throw multiple charges at you. They will strive to use those charges to keep you in jail for a long time.

Our team is ready to fight to overcome all challenges. We are trial attorneys, ready to take matters to the highest level necessary to get you the results you need to move forward with your life. We are here to beat your case.

We want to let you know how serious we are about giving you the aggressive criminal defense you need in child solicitation cases. Call our Naperville Law Office at 1-877-335-6693 to speak with an experienced lawyer within minutes. You can also e-mail us.