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DCFS and Sex Crime Allegations

Standing By You in DCFS Investigations in Naperville & DuPage County

When a person is accused of a sex crime, the impact will echo through many facets of their life. One of the most immediate consequences is an investigation by the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS), if there is a child involved at all. Without a hearing, without a person even being convicted of a sex crime, this government agency has the ability to tear a family apart.

At the law offices of Michael T. Norris, Ltd. and John W. Callahan, Ltd., you will find a team of lawyers who can handle DCFS investigations that are related to sex crime allegations. We have the experience to help you fight to keep your family together.

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No matter how a child is involved in a sex crime situation, DCFS will get involved immediately. Some examples of the situations they will get involved in are:

  • A parent (or step-parent or live-in boyfriend) accused of sale of child pornography, regardless of whether or not the alleged victim was their own child
  • A parent (or step-parent or live-in boyfriend) arrested for child molestation, regardless of whether the alleged victim was their own child
  • A child accused of molesting another child, even if the alleged victim is not another family member

In these types of sex crime cases, DCFS will typically give you very little warning that they are going to show up. Once they are there, they have the right to order a parent to leave the household for as many as three months. If the orders aren't followed, they can take the children away. We act as a buffer to deal with DFCS and often are able to get them to pull back their service / safety plans. What DFCS wants is not always best for your family. You can fight back if you believe it is right, and we can help you do it.

Mike Norris and John Callahan believe it is important to act quickly in these cases. We encourage you to enlist us as soon as you can. We will begin immediately, because we know the stakes are high in these sex crime matters. We will work hard to take on DCFS appeals and investigations and challenge their case. In fact, we will take on these matters with the same level of urgency that we use in the criminal case.

Our team is available to serve people facing DCFS investigations because of sex crime charges in Naperville, Elmhurst, Addison, Carol Stream and all of DuPage County, Illinois.

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