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Challenging a DUI Arrest in Illinois and Winning

Successful DUI Defense Lawyers in DuPage County

How do you challenge a drunk driving arrest, especially when the Breathalyzer registered .08 or higher? The simple answer is you hire a law firm that knows how to challenge a DUI.

The lawyers at Michael T. Norris, Ltd. and John W. Callahan, Ltd. have been successful in cases that other lawyers deemed hopeless. We have achieved notable results in DUI defense by breaking down the evidence piece by piece and taking no "fact" at face value.

The Strategies and Proven Capacity to Beat a DUI

Attorneys Michael T. Norris and John W. Callahan bring decades of experience and specific knowledge of Illinois law, police procedure and the science behind DUI tests. We have obtained dismissals, jury acquittals and other outcomes favorable under the circumstances.

We have won cases on virtually every facet of a DUI arrest:

  • The traffic stop — Did the officer have probable cause to pull you over?
  • Field sobriety tests — Roadside tests such as reciting the alphabet backwards, are pseudo-science. Even the legitimate field sobriety tests are often administered and interpreted incorrectly.
  • Portable breath test — These roadside results are not admissible in court. Was it the primary or sole basis for your arrest?
  • The Breathalyzer/Intoxilyzer — Was the machine properly calibrated? Were you "on the bubble" of .08? How much time passed before the Breathalyzer test was administered?
  • Officer training and conduct — Did the officer conduct the roadside tests correctly? Did he or she have any training in DUI procedures? Were you advised of your rights?
  • Mitigating circumstances — Do you have a disability? Were you wearing high heels? Did you perform sobriety tests in adverse weather?

The Report Versus the Reality

Every DUI police report says the same things: glassy eyes, an odor of alcohol, slurred speech, etc. If you didn't have legs, the report would probably still say "the defendant was unsteady on his feet." In other words, the officer decided you were drunk, made the arrest, and filled out the paperwork without much regard to detail or accuracy.

We win DUI cases in many ways, but we win most often by cross-examining the arresting officer. Many times the squad car video, common logic and the officer's own statements under questioning directly contradict the DUI complaint. For example, on the videotape the person appears to perform admirably on sobriety tests, but the report says failed, failed, failed.

Aggressive, Effective DUI Defense

Our attorneys will find the holes in the prosecution's case to give you the best chance of avoiding a DUI conviction. Contact Michael T. Norris, Ltd. and John W. Callahan, Ltd., today. Call us toll free at 1-877-335-6693 or contact us online for a free and confidential consultation. Our phones are answered 24 hours a day.