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Breathalyzer Test Defense

Defense Against the Strongest DUI Evidence

We have built our careers around overcoming cases with seemingly impossible odds. In drunk driving cases, the law offices of Michael T. Norris, Ltd. and John W. Callahan, Ltd. can provide defense against seemingly unbeatable breathalyzer test results.

We see it over and over. A client will come to us after speaking with another attorney who told them that because the client blew over a .08 he or she should obtain an alcohol evaluation and plead guilty on the first court date. We always disagree with that advice. If you blew over .08 and you think you should just plead guilty and get your case over with, we strongly disagree. We want the chance to protect you against the consequences of a DUI/DWI charge. Filing a timely motion to prevent a license suspension from going into effect can be successful even when there is a blood alcohol content greater than .08. But the motion must be filed quickly after the arrest.

Rather than lie down and surrender right away, why not take a look deeper and try to beat the breathalyzer? This can be done in numerous ways.

  • Was the software modified on the machine? This can disqualify its use in court
  • Did the machine take into account of mouth alcohol from gum chewing, belching, blood, etc.
  • Has the machine been properly calibrated? We will make certain that all calibration records are in order.
  • Were than any mechanical defects with the breath test machine? Experts will be enlisted to challenge the accuracy of tests when appropriate.
  • When was the breathalyzer administered? Blood alcohol level can change if a significant amount of time passed between the initial stop and the time the test was given.
  • How was the software on the machine set? State law requires that breathalyzers be set the proper way.

We know the subpoenas that need to be issued to address these questions. Without this knowledge, it would be difficult or impossible to try to win a case with a BAC over .08. If it is important for you to try to beat your case even when you blew or submitted to a blood test resulting in .08 or more, we have the expertise to deal with those issues and quite often win the case, have the charges reduced, or have the case dismissed altogether.

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Call us at 1-877-335-6693 today to speak within minutes about an experienced lawyer about defense against breathalyzer test evidence. Or contact us by e-mail Link to Contact Us. Mike Norris and John Callahan are attorneys who know how to fight the charges. We represent clients in DuPage County, Kane County, and the surrounding areas of Illinois.

Clients come to us in drunk driving cases because of our record for being creative and thorough when it comes to defense against breathalyzer results. We will get started right away looking for ways to present a strong defense against breathalyzer test results. We can also deal with the issue of breathalyzer test refusal.

We Stand Up to Dishonest Police Officers

In every case, we carefully examine all available evidence. In one DUI defense case, this examination revealed that a police officer had changed his testimony under oath. When we presented this fact in the courtroom, the judge made it clear that the officer's credibility was lost in this case as well as future cases before that judge. Of course, the result for our client was a positive one.*

To speak within minutes with an experience attorney about your DUI defense case and the breathalyzer results involved, call us at 1-877-335-6693. Or contact us by e-mail.

*These are past results and do not constitute a guarantee of future results.