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If your license was revoked due a DUI conviction in Naperville, DuPage County, or anywhere in Illinois, it can only be reinstated following a formal administrative hearing (also known as a Secretary of State hearing). The process can both frustrating and time-consuming, since many people who represent themselves at these hearings fail in their first attempt to get their driver's license back.

At our Illinois law firm, attorney Michael T. Norris or attorney John W. Callahan will represent you at this hearing to help get your driver's license reinstated as quickly as possible.

To have your driver's license reinstated, you will need to prove that your alcohol treatment program has been successful, that you will be a safe and responsible driver in the state of Illinois, and that you are no longer a danger to the public safety. You will be asked more than 100 questions, and if you aren't prepared to give the right answers, you probably will fail. Everything you say has to be both believable and consistent with what you told your alcohol evaluator during your treatment program.

Our driver's license reinstatement lawyers will help you prepare for this hearing and go to the hearing with you. As a result of our efforts, 80 percent of our clients have gotten their driver's licenses back at their first administrative hearing with the Secretary of State's office.

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