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DuPage County Homicide Lawyers Defending Against Charges of Vehicular Manslaughter

At the law offices of Michael T. Norris, Ltd. and John W. Callahan, Ltd., you will find a team of attorneys with different, but complimentary, techniques. By working together, we are able to take on the most challenging cases. We want you to know that we take on every case with one goal in mind: winning.

Our team is available to defend against charges of reckless homicide, including those that involve vehicular manslaughter while driving drunk. We know the stakes are high. That is why we are ready to put our aggressive defense to work for you.

Call us at 1-877-335-6693 today to speak within minutes with an experienced lawyer about reckless homicide charges. You can also e-mail us.

In our decades of experience, we have come to understand that some law firms look at a case and immediately set their dials to the worst case scenario and try to work up from that. At our law firm, we believe that is a set up for failure. We begin cases with every intention of winning. No matter how challenging your case, we will move forward in pursuit of keeping your record clean and keeping you out of jail.

In DuPage County and the surrounding parts of Illinois, we have demonstrated to the opposition how serious we are about winning. We have earned the respect of the prosecution. They know that every move we make is carefully planned and intended to make a difference. They know that if they are not willing to negotiate with us and provide the result that we think is right, we are ready to take the matter to trial.

Our team can handle all reckless homicide cases, whether they involve DUI or any other act of negligence, inside or outside of a vehicle.

When is Reckless Homicide Not Reckless Homicide?

Our attorneys are currently defending a woman who had been accused of killing a young man with her car. She hadn't even noticed that she had done it and only turned herself in later when she saw it on the news. Of course, she found herself charged with a crime. When we started exploring the evidence, we discovered that the young man had been attempting suicide recently by jumping in front of cars. He had failed numerous times. Unfortunately, he figured out a way to do it without being noticed by the driver. By demonstrating this fact, we intend to prove that our client is not guilty.*

To speak within minutes with an experienced attorney about a reckless homicide case, call us at 1-877-335-6693. You can also e-mail us. Serving Naperville, Oak Brook, West Chicago, Warrenville, Addison, Wheaton and all of DuPage County.

*These are past results and do not constitute a guarantee of future results.