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Felony Case Results

Sexual Molestation and Substantial Risk of Sexual Injury


When our client first hired us, he was about to be indicted by the Kane County Grand Jury. We were able to prevent any criminal charges from being filed against our client. However, DCFS indicated our client for sexual molestation and substantial risk of sexual injury.

We aggressively defended our client against the DCFS allegation. Because our client drove a school bus for a living, he was fired immediately upon the DCFS filing of the charges.

It was imperative for our client's future that he be acquitted of the charge of sexual molestation as well as the charge of a substantial risk of sexual injury. We proceeded to trial on the DCFS charges. We won. The judge agreed that our request for expungement of all DCFS records be granted.

To say that our client is happy is an understatement. The charges have been expunged and he can go back to work again.

Child Pornography

People v. M.G.

Our client came to us after he had been presented with a search warrant to search a computer in his business. Found on his computer were hundreds and hundreds of images of child pornography. Our client adamantly claimed he was innocent of these charges, however, the state's attorney's office was intent on charging him criminally for possession of child pornography and dissemination of child pornography, all of which would've resulted in time in the penitentiary totaling more than fifteen years. Our client was a professional and had licenses registered with the state of Illinois and contracts with a significant number of hospitals in the Chicago area. In addition to having his professional license placed in jeopardy by these allegations and having the contracts with all of the hospitals in the area terminated, DCFS also became part of the investigation and sought to remove his children from his home, based on the fact that he had all of these images of child pornography. DCFS classified him as a sexual predator. As if that wasn't bad enough, upon a conviction, he was going to be required to register as a sex offender with the state of Illinois for at least ten years and possibly for the rest of his life. We once again began an aggressive defense of our client. We believed he was innocent, that he would be wrongfully convicted and wrongfully lose his professional licenses, contracts and children, and be forced to register as a sex offender for crimes and offenses that he did not commit. Our aggressive representation and defense on his behalf proved itself once again. We were able to convince the prosecutor's office to dismiss all charges placed against him for child pornography and for possession and dissemination of that child pornography, despite the fact that all of these images were located and found on his own computer. We were able to prevent him from having to register as a sex offender and we were able to prevent DCFS from taking his children. We were also able to prevent the state licensing department from interfering with his license as a professional, prevent him from having to register as a sex offender, prevent him from being arrested, fingerprinted, photographed or have any type of a felony conviction, convince DCFS to voluntarily unfound all of the charges against him, thereby removing his name from a central register as a sex offender and prevent all of the authorities from interfering in any of his contracts with any of the hospitals. In short, we were able to resolve everything in his favor. We gave an innocent person back his life.


People v. K. L.

A 19-year-old girl became our client after her parents hired us to represent her on murder and armed robbery charges. She was charged with putting PCP into another person’s drink and going with that person to the forest preserve where the person’s throat was cut and he died. She was accused of taking his truck and running out of the state where she was eventually arrested.

She made an oral confession to the police. The state sought a sentence of 180 years. We again were able to prove that the confessions were the result of police misconduct, and all charges against our client were dismissed.

Aggravated Battery Causing Great Bodily Harm, Aggravated Battery with a Deadly Weapon

People v. L.C and B.T.

Our two clients were charged as a result of a fight occurring in a bar with aggravated battery to an individual causing him great bodily harm by cutting him in the throat with a broken beer bottle and with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon by cutting him in the throat with a glass bottle. Because of the serious nature of the charge and because of the significantly extensive injuries suffered by the victim in this case, the state offered penitentiary time of three years to each of our clients. Our clients maintained their innocence, and we plead not guilty to all of the charges involved. Our client’s did not plead guilty and did not agree to do any time in the penitentiary. At the trial, numerous witnesses testified, including police officers, witnesses to the throat cutting as well as the person who had his throat cut, all of which identified our clients as the perpetrators. As a result of very extensive cross-examination of all of the officers and witnesses, at the conclusion of the case, both of our clients were found not guilty of all charges and discharged. They never did one day in jail, in spite of the seriousness of these charges and the medical testimony indicating the severity and extent of the injuries. All of our clients were found not guilty as a result of proceeding to trial in these matters.

Aggravated Criminal Sexual Abuse

People v. C. S.

Another of our clients hired us to represent him after being advised by his prior attorney to plead guilty to the charge of aggravated criminal sexual abuse, to accept a penitentiary sentence and to register as a sex offender for 10 years. This client was a teacher accused of molesting one of his students. He also signed a written confession admitting the molestation and was told that his case could not be won.

We proceeded to try his case to a jury. After 1 week of trial, the jury took only 45 minutes to find our client not guilty of all charges. Of course, we completely expunged his arrest records and have completed the process of removing his name from DCFS records. Our client never served 1 day in prison, never had to register as a sex offender and has had his entire record expunged.

Indecent Solicitation of a Child

People v. A. R.

In yet another case, our client was charged with indecent solicitation of a child for soliciting a child to perform an act, which if done, would be classified as aggravated criminal sexual abuse. The state sought penitentiary time and registration as a sex offender for 10 years.

We tried his case to a jury who found him not guilty of all charges. Our client never spent a single day in jail, nor did he ever have to register as a sex offender. Additionally, his entire arrest record was also expunged, leaving no record of his arrest.

Predatory Criminal Sexual Assault of a Child, Aggravated Criminal Sexual Abuse with a Family Member

People v. P.E.

Still another of our clients was charged with predatory criminal sexual assault of a child and aggravated criminal sexual abuse with a family member. That client also came to us after being told he must serve a significant sentence of between 6 and 30 years on the Class X offense of predatory criminal sexual assault.

We proceeded to trial in this matter, also, and the result, once again, was a finding of not guilty on all charges. Our client never spent 1 day in jail, nor did he have to register as a sex offender for 10 years.

Armed Robbery

People v. R. G.

Our client came to us charged with three counts of robbery and impersonating a police officer for an alleged scheme involving taking advantage of senior citizens in the Chicago area. There had been numerous robberies of elderly people, and our client was identified as the person who perpetrated all of these robberies. Because of the community concern, the position of the state was that our client had to do significant time in the penitentiary as a result of this case in exchange for his plea of guilty. We rejected that offer, proceeded to trial, and our client was found not guilty of all charges placed against him.

Narcotics Cases

People v. J.E.

Our client was stopped by Chicago police officers who searched his truck based on a tip given to them by an informant. In the trunk, the officers recovered a kilo of cocaine, which they intended to use against our client. Because it was not our client’s first arrest, the state also sought a period of incarceration. The minimum period of time that our client was looking at was 15 - 60 years with no possibility of parole. The state offered 18 years in the penitentiary in exchange for a plea of guilty rather than proceeding to a trial in this matter. We elected not to accept the state’s offer and proceeded to contested hearings in this matter. As a result of our representation of our client, all charges were dismissed against him. He did not do a single day in jail and was completely exonerated.

People v. C. G.

Our client was arrested for selling over 1,300 ecstasy pills to under cover police officers. A search of his and other co-defendant’s homes revealed the presence of more drugs, and our client, along with another client who was arrested with him that we also represented were charged with Class X felonies calling for a minimum of six years in the penitentiary and a maximum of thirty years.

These were young individuals, and the state offered six years in the penitentiary for both of them. We proceeded to a disposition on one of the individuals resulting in all charges being dismissed against him. For the other individual that we represented, the charges were reduced from a Class X felony, and our client was allowed to accept a period of probation under Section 410 of the Criminal Code. It is important to note that Section 410 of the Criminal Code allowed our client to be discharged without having a criminal conviction at all and allowed for the expungement of all of his arrest records. We resolved both of their cases without any convictions on any charges, and eventually, all charges were dismissed.

People v. T.J.

Our client was arrested at his house after a search warrant was executed. Recovered from his house was a significant amount of cocaine, so much so that the state charged him with a Class X felony and requested that he serve 6 to 30 years in the department of corrections. We proceeded to a trial in this matter, not agreeing to accept the state’s recommendation that our client do 6 years in the penitentiary. As a result of the trial, our client was not ordered to do any time in jail and was not convicted of the Class X felony in spite of the fact that the drugs were recovered in his house.

Nationwide Representation

While we are located in the Chicago area, we have represented clients in criminal cases in state courts nationwide, including Las Vegas, NV; Phoenix, AZ; Scottsdale, AZ; Tulsa, OK; Atlanta, GA; West Lafayette, IN; Kenosha, WI; Racine, WI; Janesville, WI; and St. Paul, MN.