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Repeat DUI conviction could mean long prison sentence for youth

The penalties for DUI in Illinois are severe. A 19-year-old man convicted of a second DUI in one year has now been sentenced to 5 and 1/2 years in prison.

The young man reportedly pled guilty to one count of felony aggravated DUI. He also pled guilty to a misdemeanor count of driving with a revoked license. As a part of a plea agreement made with the teenager an obstruction of justice charge was dismissed. A pre-sentence investigation was waived so that this individual could begin his sentence immediately. However, the young man did make a request for what is called impact incarceration (sometimes referred to as boot camp). If he is accepted into this program he may be able to finish up his sentence in six months.

The youth was arrested on Feb. 28. Police alleged that he was highly intoxicated at the time and that he refused to take a breath test. As he had already served 97 days in jail he was given credit for that time. He had already been on 24 months of probation concerning DUI charges stemming back to July 23, 2013.

In Illinois the charges will continually get steeper for repeat DUI convictions. There may also be other factors that can increase these sentences beyond the minimum period. It's often a good idea to first speak to an experienced attorney about one's prospects prior to making any agreements with county prosecutors, however. It's difficult to know for individuals facing sentencing if the plea deal offered is really the best available option.

Source: Quincy Herald-Wing, "Quincy teen sent to prison after second DUI conviction," Don O'Brien, June 5, 2014

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