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Increased attention on DUI in Chicago during the summer months

Chicago plans aggressive actions to catch motorists driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Many law enforcement agencies throughout the Chicagoland area have started their summer campaigns cracking down against drunk driving. They increase the amount of officers who are looking to spot motorists exhibiting signs of impairment. If the officers decide to make a stop, the individuals may be arrested if they are above the 0.08 percent limit within the state.

The officers will use several different methods when looking for drunk drivers. They will set up DUI checkpoints on busy roadways or on exit ramps of city freeways. Motorists will be randomly checked in these locations to determine if they may have been drinking. Police will also have officers looking for motorists who are speeding or not wearing a seat belt, and if stopped, these individuals could face further investigation to determine if any alcohol or drugs were taken before they got behind the wheel.

In addition to the increased DUI patrols, motorists also need to be aware of some of the laws concerning drugged DUI within the state. Illinois legislators had proposed revisiting some of the laws after medical marijuana was approved earlier this year.

Under the current statutes, individuals may be charged with DUI if any marijuana, even trace amounts, is present in their system at the time of the blood test. Since marijuana remains in the system for a long time after it has been originally used, the motorists may still be charged even though their driving shows no signs of impairment.

This may result in several people being charged with DUI simply because marijuana was detected in their system. Critics have claimed that these laws are unfair, as they punish drivers who may not be a threat to other motorists. They contend that the laws should be changed to address instances where the motorist's driving ability was actually impacted due to the use of the drug.

Police around Chicago will be aggressive when patrolling for drunk or drugged drivers during the summer months, especially in high-traffic areas. If you have been stopped and charged with DUI, you need to be sure that you understand the seriousness of the accusations.

A DUI carries substantial penalties, including jail time and the loss of driving privileges. If you depend upon your license for your job, this could potentially result in the loss of employment. No matter what ends up happening with your case, it is possible that your license could still be suspended.

You should contact an experienced criminal defense attorney to discuss your options. Your attorney will be able to perform a review of the charges, and help you understand the steps you need to take to defend yourself.

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