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Addison Drunk Driving Defense Lawyer

If You Have Been Charged with a DUI in Addison

Many people who get charged with drunk driving simply plead guilty and hope for the best possible outcome. They soon find out that large fines, jail time, and license suspension are more than just inconveniences. These DUI penalties are life-changing.

If you have been charged with DUI and are looking for an Addison DUI defense lawyer, contact our law firm. We offer a free DUI case evaluation. Call 1-877-335-6693.

Avoiding License Suspension

Forty-six days after your DUI arrest, your driver's license will be automatically suspended by the state of Illinois. You can do something to try to avoid the automatic suspension. At Norris & Callahan, we will take immediate action to try to stop your license from being suspended:

  • When you hire us, we will quickly file the proper motions to try to stop the 46-day suspension clock from working against you.
  • By filing these motions, we can start a 30-day clock for the State to schedule a hearing concerning the automatic suspension. If the prosecution does not give you a hearing within those 30 days, they will lose their ability to suspend your license.
  • We will subpoena the video and audio dispatch tapes, as well as any other pertinent evidence, to ensure that all discovery is preserved and protected for your defense.

As you can see, early and aggressive legal action is critical to avoid license suspension and other consequences of a DUI conviction. The attorneys at our firm can explain all of your legal options as they apply to your case.

DUI Arrests in Addison

In 2012, Addison police made 130 drunk driving arrests. Both police forces are active and aggressive in stopping and arresting people for driving under the influence of alcohol. Before you plead guilty to DUI / DWI in Addison, or elsewhere in DuPage County, Illinois, discuss your legal options with a criminal defense lawyer. We may be able to help you avoid license suspension, increased insurance premiums, jail time, fines, and other consequences. Most importantly, we may be able to keep your record clean.

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